Laser Welding Machine

A Laser Welding Machine is typically fully automated and has enclosed working spaces. This means that personnel no longer need to be exposed to the high temperature and particulates generated during welding. Laser welding is a melt welding process in which a laser beam is used as the energy source to impact on the weld joint. Laser welding is a non-contact welding process that does not require pressure, but requires the use of inert gas to prevent oxidation of the molten pool, which is occasionally used for filler metals. The Laser Welding Machine is very efficient and made for industrial applications. 

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Hand Held Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Price: 1000000 INR/Unit

1 KWatt Fiber laser HandHeld Machine with wobbling head.4 Best rate and best performance spetially design for SS metal sheet welding machine

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Gaint200 Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

Price: 450000 INR/Unit

200 watt and 110 Jules Applicable for all type of jewelry Gold, silver, and any imitation jewelry

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Industrial Die Mould Laser Welding Machine

Price: 1000000 INR/Unit

We Provide Industrial Laser Welding Machine for Die Mould welding Applications. Also provide Handheld arrangment depends on customers applications with 6 meter fiber cable..

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Cold Welding Machine

Price: 180000 INR/Unit

We deal in Cold Welding Machine mainly used in Thin sheet weling of ferrous and non ferrous materials and also for Die mould welding system. this is a very new technology which gives clean welds for your product ( Better than Laser Welding) The finish is excellent at the same time dont need any further processing. You can use this system to weld and repair moulds and Dies.


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